Lockdown: Changing lives for the better

“The [lockdown] restrictions have helped me focus inwards to my own embodiment and I am making sure I feel powerful”

Let’s be real here, for the past two months the world has been living through an extremely uncertain yet historic time period.

The consequential effects of Covid-19 has meant that the vast majority of people across the globe have had no choice but to self-isolate, and with that comes what seems like an infinite amount of time to think and reflect.

But who says the result of this has to be entirely pessimistic? According to a recent survey, 86% of people believe that the current lockdown restrictions has allowed them to view life from a more positive perspective and are confident in their recent change of mindset.

Sharleen Linton is an admirable example of someone who is experiencing the benefits that this pandemic can curate.

Working as a Vocal Alchemist for over sixteen years, Sharleen utilises her talents by allowing people to use their voices to transform numerous aspects of their life: performance, career and marriages to mention but a few. Looking from the outside in, you may believe that Sharleen must have been one of the most motivated and strongest people in the industry due to her impressive career experiences:

“I’ve worked with many legendary recording artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson and John Legend and I feel privileged. Every artist taught me something about work ethic and self belief and I left their presence feeling full and filled”.

Her involvement with a variety of your favourite artists, including Adele who was said to be “one of my favourite artists I worked with.-she’s so down to earth and easy to get along with” was predominately a personal business, so this meant having to find ways adapt her way of work in what she calls a “truly surreal” time period.

“All of my existing sessions needed to be taken into an online space. I already have international speaking and singing clients that I serve using Zoom so I just converted all clients to Zoom”.

Working in such an incredible field and being able to adapt in the current climate surely means that Sharleen has a positive outlook towards her work. However, prior to lockdown restrictions, Sharleen confirms this wasn’t always the case and didn’t allow herself to be as powerful as one may have believed.

“I’ll be perfectly honest and say that before lockdown I was trying to run a business but also not being willing to be visible. I would procrastinate and then start and not finish things because it served the part of me that wanted to stay small and hidden”.

Nevertheless, the past nine weeks has enabled people, including Sharleen, to be raw and open with their feelings and thus revaluate their priorities. Despite the overwhelming sense of confusion and fear that this pandemic may possess, it may actually result in an unexpected but exciting new lease of life for a variety of people.

In Sharleen’s case, her increase in both drive and passion came about after her own personal coronavirus scare. After experiencing a number of similar symptoms, she decided life was either “going to pivot up or pivot down” and began following a number of practises, given by a mentor, to help her stay embodied as a powerful, feminine woman.

“Following the guidance helped me move past anxiety and moved me into action! I do not – and I mean, I do NOT procrastinate for any reason now! Every day feels powerful because I feel powerful. The beauty is that I feel full and lack nothing and I’ve started 3 more businesses and I do not feel depleted”

Sharleen is just one example of the 86% of people who believe lockdown is in fact, bringing optimism and hope. But we do realise that it’s not just as easy as sitting down in a dark room and having a one-to-one with your brain. If you are struggling to overpower the negativity of this pandemic, Sharleen is a firm believer in letting yourself receive guidance.

“What I would say is to find a mentor who embodies who you desire to be in the world and/or has what you desire to have i.e a happy marriage or wealth. If you can’t afford one, there are plenty in the online space who offer YouTube content for free, for example. Find a mentor and do everything they say-let it change your life!”

You can discover more about Sharleen and her line of work as a Vocal Alchemist by searching her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and visiting her website here.

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