Your Daily Good News Update

Another bright and sunny day means the opportunity to spend the whole day lying in the garden, getting a tan or taking a walk to your nearest park and enjoying the fresh air. Either way, today is a great day to get yourself outside and take a break from whatever may be stressing you out.

Fast Food chains

One of the things that people have missed the most during lockdown is McDonald’s, KFC, Greggs and the other great fast food chains. Over the next week, all of them will be starting to reopen. McDonald’s caused great debate on social media over the past month, when it choose to only open a few of it’s chains.

But now the company has announced that on June 4th they will be reopening even more drive throughs and soon al McDonald’s around the country will be open again.

Childhood films reunion

To help keep us smiling during lockdown, many of our childhood favourites have hosted virtual reunions. From The Goonies to High School Musical, we’re seeing the casts come back together to bring some happiness to our time in lockdown.

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