5 sex toys that could enhance your long-distance relationship

Can’t physically be with your significant other because of lockdown? Here’s a list of Bluetooth sex toys that you and your partner can enjoy from separate houses.  

When it comes to lockdown, everyone is experiencing differences in their libido. Some people are reporting that their sex drives are higher than ever, whilst others have sunk into an anxiety-induced state where they never want to think about sex again. But despite this divide, sex industry sales have boomed.

According to online sex toy sales have increased by 134% compared to this time last year. Many couples across the UK have been spending extra time together and as a result, been more experimental in the sheets. Couples isolating together are having more time in each-others company than they usually would as they’re not working which has given them more energy to put into *ahem* each other.

But what about those in long-distance relationships? How can these couples stay connected during lockdown? Well welcome the wonderful world of Bluetooth sex toys. Technology has created something to make being in a long-distance relationship easier than ever before. You no longer need to be in the same room, nor the same city to get passionate with your partner. These toys are usually controlled via smartphone or tablet, allowing you to control features such as speed and intensity of vibrations.

It may not be the same as physically having sex with your partner, but at least it will allow you to continue to have a satisfying sex life together, especially if you’re quarantined separately amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

To make this easier, I have compiled a list of five app-controlled sex toys which are great for couples in long distance relationships.

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  1. Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl Bluetooth Interactive Smart Masturbator

Kiiroo provides a vibrator as well as a female masturbator that can be synced up across long distances. The devices mimic intercourse in real-time. They connect using Bluetooth and video chat and can be controlled by an app. To make the experience even better, is the subscription service that you can get to alongside the product. It creates ‘porna’ videos are VR and interactive, all you need is some VR goggles and you’re set. Onyx & Pearl + three-month porna subscription, £297.19 available at Kiiroo.

2. The Bendable Smart Vibrator

This vibrator is basically 4 different sex toys in 1 – MystertyVibe’s Crescendo is a bendable vibrator that can be moulded into practically any shape to reach the right zone. It can be used for any sex and works well for couples. It houses six motors and is charged wirelessly meaning there’s no issues when trying to clean it as nothing can get into the charging port. What’s great is that the device can be controlled by an app on your phone which allows your partner to take control, too. £129.00 available at Amazon.

3. We-Vibe Sync App and Remote Control Couple’s Vibrator

This vibrator comes with a remote control so either you or your partner can control it within the same vicinity. But don’t fret long distance couples! There is also a smartphone app which allows you to operate the vibrator in real-time from far away, too. £159.99 available at LoveHoney.

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4. LOVENSE Hush Motorised Butt Plug

This is the perfect toy for couples who have a shared passion for music. If you have a shared sex playlist, you’ll definitely appreciate this. The butt plug will vibrate in-time with music through an app which is controlled through your smartphone or tablet. £89.00 available at LOVENSE.

5. We-Vibe Moxie

This discreet sex toy is a flat vibrator that can clip into any pair of underwear with a strong magnet that stops it from going anywhere. This one is great for a Zoom/FaceTime/Skype or whichever preferred virtual call to have sex. Your partner can control the rhythm, speed and vibration patterns through the app. £122.00 available at Amazon.

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