“We’ll be alright”: How Upton Upon Severn has changed since the 2007 Floods

Upton Upon Severn has been dubbed “the most flooded town in Britain” and was one of the worst effected towns in the 2007 floods. Floods are a regular occurrence in this countryside town, with historic major floods recorded throughout the years. With climate change quickly worsening, how safe is this town from heavier rainfall and […]

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Is retrofitting the way to go when it comes to helping stop climate change?

With the climate crisis still ongoing, many people and businesses are thinking about ways they can help to reverse it. Global Footsteps is an ‘educational charity which links grassroots communities around the world ‘. Based in Cheltenham, the group has played its part and had retrofitting carried out. Global Footsteps trustee, Alison Crane, discussed the […]