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Is retrofitting the way to go when it comes to helping stop climate change?

With the climate crisis still ongoing, many people and businesses are thinking about ways they can help to reverse it. Global Footsteps is an ‘educational charity which links grassroots communities around the world ‘. Based in Cheltenham, the group has played its part and had retrofitting carried out. Global Footsteps trustee, Alison Crane, discussed the […]


Everything you need to know about the Javelin Park incinerator in Stroud

“What’s that massive building along the M5?”  Gloucestershire’s £613 million incinerator has been fully operational since January last year.  It takes all of Gloucestershire’s black bag rubbish, burns it and produces electricity for the National Grid. The waste includes things like sofas, fairy lights and mattresses.  Gloucestershire County Council say this is a greener way […]


“We can’t take on another disaster like 2007”: How safe is Gloucestershire from flooding?

July 20 2007 will always be an unforgettable day for many in Gloucestershire. Remembered as one of the county’s worst flooding disasters in recent history, the county watched the rain fall as it took their homes, electricity, water and three men’s lives. More than two months worth of rain fell in one day, causing the […]

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A more sustainable future: are universities promoting sustainable travel?

Are our Universities sustainable? More importantly, are our universities promoting sustainable travel? With transport becoming the most polluting sector in the United Kingdom it’s important we look to our universities to see if they are doing everything in their power to encourage sustainable travel with their students. Looking locally, the University of Gloucestershire seems to […]


Which animal species are currently ‘under threat’ in Gloucestershire?

In recent years, Britain’s wildlife has suffered from an immense loss. Conservation organisations are calling for urgent action to be made to protect the nature around us. Now, more than ever, it is critical that we work towards a green recovery. This way we can prevent further and likely irreversible damage. Rob Curtis, an environmental […]