Oldest siblings are struggling to manage pressures of childcare and online schooling during Covid-19

The pressure on oldest daughters providing childcare for their families continue to rise throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Many families are relying on the support provided by the oldest sibling, who are taking on parental responsibilities while parents are working long hours away from home.   During the pandemic these first-born siblings have taken on even more than […]


How will churches continue during lockdown 2.0

Despite being forced to close their doors for the second time this year churches, pastors and volunteers believe they can still serve their communities online. Although church services will look different, they aren’t cancelled. This time around, pastors are taking a positive spin on moving their Sunday services online again after seeing increases in numbers […]


“Don’t be a d*ck because it’s a small world”. Alumni from the animation course at the University of Gloucestershire talk about life after graduating.

By Ciara Nevin This time last year an event like this would have been held in a lecture theatre filled with people, but now a Teams meeting on our laptops must suffice. Six animation graduates from the University of Gloucestershire sit before an online meeting filled with current students hoping for some advice. The event […]


“Whilst you have the time to experiment and fail you should.” University of Gloucestershire film alumni discuss how to survive the film industry during a global pandemic

By Ciara Nevin This year almost every industry has struggled because of coronavirus and the film industry is no different. In a virtual meeting hosted by Rachel Plant, a University of Gloucestershire film lecturer, four Alumni spoke to current film students about the industry and how to still succeed in these trying times. Dion Douglas […]


TV mavericks spread mischief and knowledge at University of Gloucestershire on the second day of its Media Festival.

By Ollie Chard “We don’t overthink it really, we just have a juvenile sense of humour,” was the overarching theme of Aaron Paul and Stu Garlick’s humorous yet insightful zoom event. As two award-winning writers, producers and now co-founders of Rebel Television, the pairing had a lot to offer for students looking to carve their […]