Parking permits to be introduced for busy Cheltenham side streets

Parking in Cheltenham will become more difficult, under new proposals by Gloucestershire County Council.

Three areas of the town will have residents’ parking permits introduced, aimed at stopping commuters using the spaces throughout the whole day.

West End, Lansdown and around the railway station will see new regulations.

Millbrook Street and Great Western Terrace, near Waitrose, are often used by commuters who want to get out of paying for expensive parking fees.

Speaking to the Gloucestershire Echo, resident Mike Hughes says daytime parking in the area is a real problem.

“All the people who work in offices in town park around here and we struggle to park outside our own homes.”


But the new restrictions have not been completely well-received.

Some people have expressed their anger at the new plans, saying that parking is already difficult in Cheltenham.

There are claims that finding a cheap space is almost impossible.

MP Alex Chalk has campaigned to reduce the cost of parking in the town.

On his website, he says that he welcomes “any move to make parking in Cheltenham less expensive.

“It’s a very positive step,” he says, talking about Cheltenham Borough Council’s decision to offer free parking for visitors after 6pm. “But in reality we should have ended parking charges after 6pm a long time ago.

“It will still cost £10 to park all day on a Sunday in Cheltenham, compared to just £2 in Gloucester.

“Parking is still too expensive in our town.”

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