£40 million government guarantee scheme creates way for new student village in Cheltenham


£40 million has been granted by the Government to build a new student village in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

This will be the first time that a guarantee has been given to a privately financial university accommodation project, taking a former teaching campus at the University of Gloucestershire and developing it into a brand new student village.

The plans include 570 new rooms, as well as the refurbishment of existing rooms at the Pittville Campus. In the village there will also be a bar, refectory, cafe, shop, gym and games area.

The development is due to be finished in time for the 2017/2018 academic year and will be built by Bouygues UK.

Chancellor George Osborne, who is backing the campaign, has said it will give the next generation of students the ‘first class facilities they deserve.’

The local borough councillor for St Pauls, John Walklett, spoke out in support of the application and said he is confident that the news plans will be beneficial to the University.

‘I voted very, very strongly for the development. The developers have acknowledged the fact that more responsibility needs to be taken in so far as providing help for those students who perhaps live a bit further out of town’.

‘The whole thing is being planned on the basis of expansion’, Walklett said. ‘I would hope that a number of new students will be accommodated more appropriately in these halls of residence and that I think from a councillor view point it is a good thing for the students’.

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