Cheltenham wishlist

The town of Cheltenham is constantly evolving. Currently in the midst of vast development once again, many new businesses and retailers will come and go in the blink of an eye.

But we wanted to know what you would bring into the town if the choice was yours. We asked the people of Twitter what one thing that they would add to Cheltenham, and these are some of the replies that we’ve received.


An extremely good range of replies have been sent into us. From Burger King to a new Casino and a more vibrant economy, it’s clear that the people of Cheltenham have broad ideas.

Fast food seemed to be a popular choice, especially after the removal of Burger king from the high street.

With the addition of the Pittville Student Village, is more affordable student housing something that we could see in the coming years, particularly by 2020?

But in amongst all of these suggestions, it looks like somebody would like to bring something a little different…




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