How much would you pay to keep fit?

Starting at the gym can be a challenge in itself, but imagine spending £504 a year just to use a gym, swimming pool and sauna.

With nearly two-thirds of adults being considered to be obese, gyms are fighting for people to join them and finally start their new year resolution, just 10 months late.

So what’s on offer for people in Cheltenham?


80% of gyms in Cheltenham are more than £20 a month.

If you want to join DW Fitness First Gym, it’s pristine and extensive has every machine you could ever want, or need, to build up your muscles. For the hefty price tag of £42 per month, you can get on board.

Then there’s the middle ground. Leisure At Cheltenham offers gym and exercise classes, but also has 3 pools. However, some of the facilities do come at an extra cost, but general membership costs £29.


Welcome Gym offers a budget fitness option. Best for those who are beginners who want none of the faffing for the tidy sum of £16.99.



Some residents in Cheltenham, aren’t satisfied with the prices of memberships within the town.

Elle Rosser, a student, says “I’ve payed 30 quid before and I think that’s a bit excessive. I think it depends on what you get with it like classes. But I do think its expensive and a lot of them are yearly contracts, its a long commitment especially for students.”

Others believe that going to the gym isn’t necessary.

Sam Vine, a salesman says, “I focus my efforts on spiritual realisation as much as possible. Any exercise to keep the body and soul together I feel can be done from home.”

A survey by UoGlos Live found that 65% of people who took part, were willing to pay any membership price to join a gym.

Suzy Hannam, a studio and events manager at DW Fitness First says, “It’s all about what you are looking for and the training you want to do.”

With health experts constantly telling us to increase the amount of time we exercise, it really comes down to finding your own balance.

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