Letter from the editors

We are looking at the future of Cheltenham through four different lenses: Politics, Tech and Environment, Culture and Identity. Each angle has an important impact on Cheltenham in 2020.

In a world of political, economic and cultural chaos, where can we find joy? In the lifestyle team, we are exploring the good news. From saving the environment to newfound luxuries in a time-poor society, we aim to find the changes in the world that are making it a better place. Cheltenham boasts a diverse landscape, giving it all the potential to do some good for the planet and the people living on it, and the plans are already in motion. Waitrose and Partners in Cheltenham has rid itself of much of its single-use plastic, and influential figures are announcing plans to increase footfall in the town centre. In a time where desperate measures are needed to save the planet in the wake of a climate crisis, the way we live our lives needs to change; what we aim to do is demonstrate how easy it can be, from the ways we shop to our travel options. It’s a time for change, and to take pleasure from the little things.

British politics has now boiled down to one word: Brexit. Everyone is confused, frustrated and concerned for the future of our political landscape. So how do we make sense of it? We will be exploring how Cheltenham will change as we approach the deadline, but also how it will change and develop as climate change becomes a more pressing issue.Our reporters will be tackling issues personal to them, and to Cheltenham as we approach 2020. Our mission is to break through the jargon and make politics interesting again. We are making an effort to bring the international stories to our front doors. Our podcast will have a variety of voices from all sides of the debate and  we will be providing consistent social media content to keep you all up to date on the fast-paced world of British politics. 

Nothing is more pressing than the ever-growing climate emergency that this world faces, we as a group will be shedding more light on the biggest problem of them all. Technology and the Environment go hand-in-hand in this day and age as they compliment each other with both benefiting from the others advancements. With plans for a Cyber-park to be constructed in Cheltenham by 2020, this will propel the town to the forefront of UK Tech. There has never been a better time to take an interest in Technology. On the Environment front, Cheltenham aims to become a Net Zero Emissions area by 2030, 20 years before the entirety of the UK is expected to do the same. With our aim to spread more awareness throughout the county, we can do our part to tackle humanity’s greatest challenge. 

Cheltenham is famous for its racing, festivals and known for being “posh”. The group, Identity and Culture, will be looking beyond the stereotype and focusing on the main divisions of the town. Lou will be finding out more about community organisations that help and support local people into work. Megu will be delving into the divide of the town’s infrastructure and will be talking with Alex Chalk about why there is a divide between the different areas and plans for improvements. Sabrina is focusing on racing culture to find out who Cheltenham’s racegoers are. The last topic to be explored will be the divide of the social classes within Cheltenham. She will investigate the most exquisite tearoom to the cheapest café.

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