Have lockdown rules been relaxed too soon?

This May Bank Holiday weekend was no different to any other year. Families and friends flocked to the beaches to enjoy the hot weather; laying in the sun, eating ice creams and playing in the sea. However, this year should have been different.

The country has now been in lockdown for over two months and restrictions are only just being relaxed. But people from all over the UK were gathered in crowds at the beach this weekend.

With so many people on one beach, it makes it nearly impossible to follow the Government’s guidance of staying two meters away from others.

Although lockdown measures now allow households to drive around England to visit parks or beaches, it is still important to stay two meters away from others at all times. People at the beaches may have continued to follow lockdown guidelines, but with so many people in one place, there is the risk of spreading the disease further.

This weekend is full of debate of whether people have broken the rules of lockdown, especially with reveal of Dominic Cummings travelling across the country during the height of restrictions.

Many are beginning to wonder if the relaxing of restrictions is to blame. With people being kept inside for so long, they are now taking the opportunity to get outside as soon as and for as long as possible.

There is the worry that with more shops beginning to open, the same thing will happen and the public will flock to the shops in crowds. People are hoping that we will not see a second surge of Covid-19.

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