Healthy eating during lockdown

It really is no secret that being stuck at home for days, let alone weeks, can result in a very intense relationship between you and your fridge.

If you aren’t out working in the current climate, I’m sure you’ve become familiar with the struggle that is trying to fill what seems like an endless amount of hours, because unfortunately, Zoom quizzes can’t go on forever. There is no doubt that, at times, lockdown can create a huge sense of boredom, and we all know what boredom can lead to.


If you’re anything like me, or perhaps the rest of the internet, you are baking, snacking, or snacking on your baking at every given opportunity. Banana bread? Completed. Biscoff cheesecake? Demolished. Oreo brownies? Smashed them. Calorie intake? We don’t talk about her.

If you’re guilty of being a bit too indulgent during lockdown and refuse to look another custard cream or dominos delivery in the eye, I’ve got you covered. Below are a few healthy but tasty food inspirations that I’ve categorised into breakfast, dinner and tea so that each meal of your day is sorted! (I realise some people will argue that it is actually breakfast, lunch and dinner, but that’s a whole other article)


Porridge: Mixed with your favourite milk and fruit, porridge will give you the full, energised feeling that your fry-ups tend to lack.

Fruit Salad: Longing for a dessert but it’s only 9am? Why not bung a few handfuls of fruit in a bowl and fill that sweet morning craving.

Energy Protein Peanut Butter Bites: If you’re scouring your cupboards for a quick but nutritious start to your day, why not give protein bites a go? You can follow the 10-minute recipe here.


Tuna and Spinach salad: Thinking of lunch recipes can be hard, but so is eating your 84th ham sandwich in a row. Drain some tuna and spinach, cut up a few of your fave veggies and drizzle some dressing to create the perfect healthy salad.

Poached egg and roasted tomatoes: A personal favourite of mine. Whether you prefer a runny or hard yolk, you can’t go wrong with with an egg and toast combination. Add some salmon or avocado if you’re feeling boujee.

Asian lettuce wraps: Gone are the days of wholemeal wraps – we’re eating lettuce now. Bursting with flavour, this recipe will fit nicely into your lunch break and is a great burrito alternative.


Spaghetti Bolognese: Ensuring you use 5% fat mince and all the vegetables at the bottom of your fridge, this healthy meal will feel like a cheat day favourite.

Stir-fry: Stir-fry: usually your go-to for a quick but rather boring meal. Make the effort to add a sauce, be it sweet and sour or hoisin, and a meat/meat substitute of your choice to reinvent this simple dish.

Roasted fish and herby potatoes: Yearning for a carby dish? At only 393 calories per serving, this online recipe provides not only versatility but a variety of flavours and carbohydrates too.

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