Your Daily Good News Update

Another day in lockdown. Any day can feel more difficult than another while we’re stuck inside and there doesn’t have to be a reason. It’s ok to be struggling to find something to smile about but hopefully these good news stories will help you with that.


Lockdown has given the UK a new sense of community. From street Bingo to helping the elderly to do their shopping, the UK has found the best part of human nature during lockdown. It’s surprising that even a small thing like singing Happy Birthday to someone can bring so much joy.

You never know how much someone might benefit from being asked how their day is going or even a smile across the street.

Pets in lockdown

Usually because owners are at work, pets live most of their lives alone. However, during lockdown they are getting undivided attention.

Just like the free gym sessions that are being uploaded onto Youtube, there are dog training and welfare lessons. People around the UK are taking advantage of this to spend even more time with their pets and to help them stay fit during lockdown.

Virtual street art

Although a lot of festivals are being cancelled, Cheltenham have taken lockdown in their stride and released a virtual street art festival to light up the town. Using photos of the town’s walls, the artists have digitally attached their artwork to create the festival.

Yet another virtual wall for our virtual festival. Happy to keep adding as long as artists do them. This ones by MiniGab and is inspired by the yoga she’s been doing during lockdown. Stay safe x

Gepostet von Cheltenham Paint Festival am Dienstag, 26. Mai 2020

Hosted over Facebook, the festival shows artists work from around the world displayed in Cheltenham.

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