Editor’s Letter: Crisis (Dec 6)

As Rebecca Black reminded us all those years ago, you gotta get down on Friday. The second of our six Crisis-themed newsdays was at least as busy as the first, and about as enjoyable. Most of us by now are well into our projects, which involve us each producing a 1200-word web story and some social media content (plus a one-minute video short for those of us who didn’t do this for Cheltenham 2020).

Feelings of burnout and listlessness were growing with the week drawing to a close, but whether we were adding to our web stories, arranging interviews or posting pretty infographics on Twitter, there was hardly an idle moment.

Between the four teams, we’re covering a wide range of issues. With Charlie looking at racism in football, Zoe dissecting assisted dying and Eloise exploring impostor syndrome, and much more besides, there’s been a lot for our audiences to get their teeth into. And it seems like they have, with several of us having people respond to our tweets and emails happy to share their stories. Some of us have decided to drop our original ideas and look into other things instead, and we’ll all be taking a bit of a detour from the schedule next week due to the election. But either way, it looks to be an exciting few weeks.

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