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Editor’s Letter: Crisis Project

Today was the start of another set of newsdays! We’ve moved on from the Cheltenham 2020 project and are now on the Crisis project, where we’re all producing content on different crises in society. We’re tackling a whole range of issues, ranging from euthanasia to car pollution. We’ve been split into four different teams, based on what kinds of issues were focusing on, and the four main groups are: health, social issues, environment and media.

Everyone came in to the newsroom today full of ideas and raring to go, and after having some morning meetings with our teams, we all set about starting our individual projects. Many of us today began doing research on our topics and started thinking about how we’re going to structure our articles and who we’re going to talk to, with some of us reaching out to potential interviewees.

Everyone hard at work on their projects

Throughout the day some of us made some good progress on our stories and it was a positive start to the project. Considering it was the first newsday for a while, everyone seemed to get back into the swing of things and it looks promising for the future. It’ll be interesting to see how our articles develop and to see some of the great content that will be produced over the next couple of weeks. Bring on the rest of the newsdays!

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