Innsworth to still celebrate Halloween despite current restrictions

Current Covid-19 restrictions have had many thinking Halloween has been cancelled this year. But for families in Innsworth, this isn’t the case. Although the traditional trick or treating my not be happening this year this hasn’t stopped residents of the former RAF base from adorning their homes with festive decorations and pumpkins.

The ‘Rule of six’ means the usual parties and celebrations are off the cards, but some residents are still having small family gatherings with some even creating a spooky sweet hunt around the house!

Liz Surtees of Thompson Way told me: “We would usually do a big party for all of our friends and family but we can’t this year, instead we are having a small one and everyone will be dressed up!”

With pumpkins on many doorsteps around the village there is plenty for children to see and sweet rewards to be had!

Up and down the country many are taking part in pumpkin trails, an idea first suggested by ARTventures, the company behind the Easter trail and VE day celebrations.

Talking to Northants Live last month, owner Fiona Simpson said, “It gives a bit of a focus to Halloween and still being able to celebrate. We’re encouraging people to go on trails and see how many pumpkins they can spot. We want to make it the biggest pumpkin hunt and get people across the country involved.”

Gloucestershire Constabulary have echoed this sentiment, saying trick or treating shouldn’t be happening this year and that people should put out a pumpkin as normal and parents can reward their own children for each one found.

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