Coppafeel comes to Cheltenham!

CoppaFeel, a charity focusing on both male and female breast cancer awareness, has come to the University of Gloucestershire.

Students are getting involved by encouraging others to get themselves checked and reduce the stigma around breast cancer.

The sticker they’re handing out

Leader of the Park Campus group, Charlie Gowans, is encouraging students to get involved and making sure no one feels like they need to suffer in silence:

“Breast cancer happens to both men and women. It happens less in men, but it still happens! We’re trying to encourage people to open up about breast cancer and take it more seriously” She said.

They offer a wide range of ways that students can get involved with the charity. Students can text “UBT GLOS” to “70500” to get regular reminders to get themselves checked, and they encourage people to volunteer to help spread awareness.


The group have a lot of exciting events planned. They’re heading to FCH later in the month, and are looking to host an event at The Frog and Fiddle in Cheltenham near the end of October.

CoppaFeel was started by Kris Hallenga after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Her goal was to spread awareness to young people and keep them safe. Since then, the charity has become one of the biggest breast cancer awareness charities in the UK, and now hosts one of the most successful charity festivals in the country called “Festifeel”.


Even the writing staff are getting involved!
Even the writing staff are getting involved!

If you want to know more about CoppaFeel, or would like to get involved, check out their website:

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