Lidl opens a second shiny store in Cheltenham…and the public love it

It’s been a busy month for Cheltenham. Only a couple of days ago we celebrated the opening of John Lewis and Urban Outfitters. Now Lidl has opened a second new store on the edge of the town.
The new Lidl on Tewkesbury Road opened at 8am today with a ribbon cutting ceremony featuring Cheltenham mayor Councillor Bernie Fisher.

Raja Rauf, the store manager said: “It was fantastic, there’s been an amazing response from the customers so far.

“We had about 30 people at 8 o’clock this morning, but I’m expecting between nine and 12 to be the peak time.

“Everyone was waiting so long for the store to be open, including myself. I was so excited I came from a smaller store into a larger store. This is going to be the last store of this size in the region.”
And the customers seemed just as pleased.

Linda Blackwell, who used to shop at the Lidl in Bishops Cleeve, was impressed by the new store. She said: “It’s very nice, bright and well stocked. It has very friendly staff I just had the most delightful cashier who was very friendly.”

Some of the special offers customers can treat themselves to included a facial steamer (£11.99), a hand-held vacuum cleaner (£29.99) and a Bluetooth speaker which has been reduced from £50 to £25.

Vacuum cleaner
Bluetooth speaker
Facial steamer

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