Britain is at the forefront of a “technology revolution” – Phillip Hammond’s budget looks to match European partners

Mathematic’s and Technology are clearly the priorities of Phillip Hammond’s 2017 budget as he begins to make Britain a lead force in the technological age. Hammond’s vision for a science and technology-based future has promised a £600 boost to schools and colleges for every extra sixth-former who takes A-level or core maths; more than £80million will be […]


Allegations of racial abuse at Hockey match

A University of Gloucestershire student was allegedly racially abused during a Hockey match. Artur Nash, a final year sports student, has accused opponents from the University of Bristol of making inappropriate chants The supposed comments were reported to the Hockey association, BUCS and both universities student union’s respectively. During the match Mr Nash confronted one of […]


Sexual Violence Report falls short

A report investigating sexual violence and harassment in UK universities has been criticised for failing fully to address the problem. An inquiry began last year due to growing alarm about harassment, sexual violence and hate crime on university campuses, and concerns about the way in which some institutions dealt with the problem. ‘Institution-wide violence against […]


Coppafeel comes to Cheltenham!

CoppaFeel, a charity focusing on both male and female breast cancer awareness, has come to the University of Gloucestershire. Students are getting involved by encouraging others to get themselves checked and reduce the stigma around breast cancer. Leader of the Park Campus group, Charlie Gowans, is encouraging students to get involved and making sure no one feels […]