What’s it like to be a Brexiteer at university?

A research agency found that 87% of eligible students at universities voted in the EU referendum on June 23
5 out of 6 students voted to remain in the European Union on the day of the referendum, citing to a need to preserve their right to study, work and travel inside the EU as the main reasons.

Meaning that just 1 out 6 students voted to leave. But are they proud Brexiteers?

In total three quarters of all UK students were unhappy with the result and the decision to leave the EU. They are concerned about where the economy is heading and the potential rises in hate crimes across the country.

UoGlos Live takes a look at the implications of the result for the vote leave students as they are categorically outnumbered on campus and whether or not there are any hard feelings from student remainers.

Third year geography student Joe Chamberlain, he said: “When I have conversations with people about politics they very often judge me and I’m sometimes ostracized from certain situations.”

On being one of a few students who voted leave, Joe spoke of exactly how difficult it is in some circumstances: “People label me as racist, anti-immigrant and as a bigot, which is completely wrong and opposite to my views entirely.”

Fellow student Brexiteer Ravi Annamalai said: “I have to hide the way I voted because it’s a very divisive subject and pretty much all of my friends voted to remain. It wouldn’t look very good and might cause me to lose a few friends.”

Ravi also called for all universities to encourage freedom of speech and the accepting of different opinions to help bring people like him to speak openly about their political views.

It was only recently that Conservative whip Chris Heaton-Harris asked for free speech in universities and for open and vigorous debate on Brexit.


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