Is the University of Gloucestershire diverse?

The University of Gloucestershire is committed to providing a quality staff and student experience where both individuals feel respected and valued.

A strong sense of community and positive links with locals are just two of the main aims the university sets to achieve. Over time they have developed an inclusive culture, free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

An ‘Equality and Diversity policy’ has been created which clearly sets out the university’s commitment to equality and diversity.

It states: “Developing a culture that actively respects and values differences, recognising that staff and students from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences bring valuable insight to the University; that actively combats prejudice, discrimination and harassment by raising awareness and challenging attitudes.”


Josue Ngandu, a  student at the University of Gloucestershire who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, said: “In my three years here I’ve only had one instance where I’ve felt discriminated against, but other that everything has been absolutely fine.

“The university is always thinking of new ways to promote and support people from across the world. I’m friends with people from Japan, China, Russia and Germany; I think it’s brilliant how much they do to promote diversity and equality here.”

“The best thing is, if anything did happen, they offer so much support and make it very obvious where to go to find this help.”

The University of Gloucestershire prides itself on building a strong sense of community, where the students and staff are all from diverse backgrounds.

If you have any comments, queries or questions about diversity at the University of Gloucestershire you can contact Clare Peterson, the Diversity and Equality Manager on: or phone: 01242 715047.

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