Studying Abroad: Christmas in the Czech Republic

Being a student in England can be stressful enough, imagine what its like moving away from home for the first time and not even speaking the language. That’s exactly what Meg Jenner from Cheltenham did, when she decided to pack up her bags and move so she could study at Prague College.

While freshers are almost ready to go home for Christmas, celebrating with nights out on the town and too many glasses of mulled wine. Instead the communications student is celebrating Christmas season by visiting St Wenceslas square, known to be one of the most festive places in the world.

Megan wasn’t interested in the student lifestyle in the UK, so when she decided to hop on a plane she hoped for an relaxing experience rich with culture.

“I feel like English student life was something I didn’t want to experience, I’m not much of a drinker, I don’t really do well with big English cities or rowdy people.”“There are teachers from everywhere, China, Bulgaria, Bermuda and America. There is so much diversity, and so much culture. All these people have left their countries to teach in an English speaking school, which isn’t their first language, which I think is so brilliant and cool.”

Its not just the education system that’s differs from the UK. All aspects of life have changed for Megan since she made the move in September. Students are famous for being notoriously broke whilst studying, but life in Prague is significantly cheaper compared to England.

 “Life is so cheap, everything I need equals to around 70 pence in English Money. Public transport is so much better, you buy one ticket for a set amount of time and you can use any form of public transport in that period, and a 30-minute ticket costs around 20 pence.”

Moving over seas is no easy feat, especially for someone who is incredibly close to their family and used to their home comforts.“I miss roast potatoes, my kittens and my mum. I talk about roast potatoes every day; I would kill for a roast dinner; the dorms don’t have an oven so that is something I am so excited for.”

Megan prepares to fly home and enjoy a traditional British roast dinner with her family over Christmas before jetting back to Prague for another semester in January.

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