Cycling champion councillor has bike stolen

Cheltenham Borough Councillor Max Wilkinson had his bicycle stolen during a meeting at the Municipal building in Cheltenham last night. Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate Mr. Wilkinson, a cycling champion, is not the first political figure in Gloucestershire to have their bike stolen, with Conservative MP for Gloucester Richard Graham also a victim of a chain of bike thefts. […]


7th December Live Blog

Welcome to our Live Blog for today. We are focusing on crime and will have regular updates throughout the day of stories – you can also follow us on twitter @Jnews_L6 for more updates. 9.00am – Weather for today is pretty miserable according to our Journalist Sam Phillips!   9.30am –  Travel update from […]


Britain is at the forefront of a “technology revolution” – Phillip Hammond’s budget looks to match European partners

Mathematic’s and Technology are clearly the priorities of Phillip Hammond’s 2017 budget as he begins to make Britain a lead force in the technological age. Hammond’s vision for a science and technology-based future has promised a £600 boost to schools and colleges for every extra sixth-former who takes A-level or core maths; more than £80million will be […]


£6.60 for a non-alcoholic pint or £3.40 for a pint of beer? One of the challenges facing alcoholics in Cheltenham

The professional who goes to the pub after work every day. The family that have a bottle of wine with their dinner each night. The student who drinks daily with their friends. Are those that are alcohol dependent merely functioning alcoholics? I have many friends who wouldn’t think twice about having alcohol every day, this […]