Should we still wear poppies?

Remembrance Day is almost upon us, and millions of people are showing their support by wearing a red poppy.
This has been the traditional way to commemorate those who fought for us in the Great War, and acknowledge this important event in history.
However, some people believe that wearing a poppy is glamorising the military and war, becoming a symbol of patriotism.
A poll, completed by The Independent has revealed that 53% of people believe it’s an outdated tradition and we should “ditch” it, 21% are on the fence and the remaining 26% believe it is disrespectful to the fallen soldiers.
We wanted to find out what the traditional poppy means to the people in Cheltenham.

But red poppies aren’t the only way to show your support for the cause.
Gloucestershire Stop the War Group, who have campaigned against the Iraq, and Afghanistan War say that the white poppy is the new way to show your respect.
“We wear a white poppies rather than a red poppies because the white poppy represents the remembrance of everyone who has lost their lives in conflicts. The majority of people who are killed are civilians, ie women, children, elderly and disabled.
The white poppy also symbolises a commitment to working towards a culture of peace where conflicts are addressed in non violent ways. Red poppies were originally meant to represent the sentiment that we supported the concept of -no more war.
Society has become increasingly militarised by the armed forces having a greater visibility in schools, on the street and in their methods of PR and recruitment. The wearing of white poppies challenges this militarism.”
Until these white poppies more popular, it seems like the conventional red poppy will remain the way to support the cause.

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