2017 looks bright for this future star

Since house and electronic music has been making its way onto the mainstream scene, producer and musician Callum Stubbs has been more confident than ever in getting his music noticed. As we sit in a warm Gloucestershire pub, located in the village he was brought up in, he sips his Cheltenham S.P.A and talks to me about opportunities, touring Europe and breaking the London music scene.
Callum’s passion and enthusiasm for music is evident, from his music production to band practice, songwriting to soundcloud; his efforts are faultless. Graduating from the Leeds College of Music with a first class degree in Music Production, Callum believes that the opportunities he’s been presented with at uni are what’s helped his career blossom: “I wouldn’t have met any of the professionals that I now speak to if it wasn’t for uni, they’ve helped me find  a way into the industry.
“open up other doors…”
“I am lucky enough to be working alongside MOBO award-winner Steve Chrisanthou, who’s enjoyed success with Eliza Doolittle, Newton Faulkner and Corinne Bailey Rae (just to name a few!). It has been great to gain an insight into how he works and the standard of work I need to be producing and the experience has been centred around producing and writing for up-and-coming electronic artists. I’m currently in talks with other well respected industry professionals, which I hope will open up other doors into a successful music career.”
Another platform that he has seen progress is social media. Recently, more and more artists have been announcing albums, new singles and tours through the media, with examples being Adele’s 2017 tour advertised on the television and Beyoncé releasing her latest album, Lemonade, on all of her social media accounts. Callum tells me how social media has gained him access to feedback from industry professionals: “Social media has played a big part in my online presence, due to others being able to listen to my work quickly and easily. It can be a great way to share ideas and new music with others, which is something I’d always recommend to up-and-coming musicians.”
“being a nice guy can definitely get you a long way”


Although this producer has his sights set on London and other big cities, Ashton-Under-Hill in Gloucestershire will always be his home: “My fondest musical memories have to be playing in bands as I was growing up. There was no pressure and was just loads of fun; learning how to play instruments and messing about with songwriting, surrounded by my close friends. The gigs we played around Gloucestershire gave me a taste for what it was like to play on stage.”

This producer is definitely country through-and-through, with a part time job on a farm earning money, helping fund his music and producing ambitions. Through building industry contacts, playing gigs and producing music, Callum’s knowledge for music and the industry has progressed over the years, and one important piece of advice that he would give to younger musicians is knowing your theory: “Musical knowledge has got to be key. This could include playing an instrument well, knowing music theory and understanding what makes a good song. Developing technical skills in the studio has played a big part, due to the way this is influencing how the industry works.”


However, simple advice will always be key: “Along with the specific musical skills perseverance, communication and being a nice guy can definitely get you a long way.”

With 2017 looking to be a huge year for this 21-year-old producer, his aspirations are high. “I would be happy if I could songwrite and produce full time in London, building contacts and making a name for myself. In 5 years time, it would be my aim to have success in the industry, travelling around and hopefully, working with top 50 chart artists.

“It’s been a fun few months touring within the UK and Europe. I’m looking forward to playing festivals and bigger venues in 2017, with my one aim being to break into the London scene and meet lots of new people, who I can hopefully work with in the future.”

For now, Callum’s off to pack for a music inspired trip to Holland; there’s simply no stopping him. With touring, producing and building his contacts and image taking over, 2017 is certainly going to hold some big opportunities and projects, creating memories that will stick with him for the rest of his producing career. Turn on, tune in and sit back to the slick style and catchy beats from Callum Stubbs.



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