My Lockdown Essentials with Bishop Rachel Treweek

The last entry in our Lockdown Essentials series features Revd Rachel Treweek ‒ the Bishop of Gloucester tells us what’s getting her through this strange time.

What’s on your reading list?

I haven’t read it since the first week of lockdown, but a novel around Julian of Norwich [titled The Secret Testament of Julian], written by Simon Parke. It’s the story of Julian of Norwich but he’s sort of imagined himself into the story.

Credit: Evelyn Simak/Geograph

What are you watching right now?

My husband found this amazing series called Unforgettable, which is an American programme about a detective who remembers everything she’s got some amazing medical thing where she doesn’t forget anything. It sounds a bit weird but it’s really gripping!

How do you stay active?

We’re really fortunate that we’ve got a beautiful garden here at Bishops’ Court, which I’ve got to know a lot better this year! I’ve been trying to go out in the garden a lot ‒ my husband bought me some little weights that I can run round with, and I’ve got a skipping rope so I’m trying to do some of that.

Credit: Martin Knize/Unsplash

Favourite musical choices?

From Spotify, I’ve been listening to a lot of Aretha Franklin, Adele, Coldplay, and then some easy classical stuff. But I’ve found I’ve wanted quite a lot of silence because there’s been so much noise, everybody’s so busy and I’m somebody who really likes silence.

How are you keeping in touch?

Zoom ‒ we had a great family Zoom call on Saturday for my dad’s birthday, with all my nieces and nephews and their children. It was really lovely having 23 of us on the screen but it was absolute havoc!

Your ultimate comfort food?

Chocolate! I’ve eaten more bags of Maltesers than you’d care to shake a stick at. I’ve also rediscovered Toffee Crisps during this time – I used to love them as a child, and I rediscovered them and bought a great big bag of them in Sainsburys.

Credit: ed g2s/Wikimedia Commons

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