Beating lockdown boredom: Trying out TikTok makeup challenges

If you have found yourself looking for new ways to keep entertained during lockdown, you’ve probably resorted to downloading the popular social media app TikTok by now.

Although the platform was around long before the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in downloads since millions of people have been forced to stay indoors over the last couple of months.

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service that allows users to record, create and edit short snippets of film. There are so many challenges circulating right now in an attempt to relieve boredom, along with videos that are relatable and hilarious, so it’s difficult not to get totally absorbed when scrolling through the TikTok feed. It’s the app that we all need right now to put a smile on our faces.

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I decided to try three of the most popular TikTok makeup challenges to beat my lockdown boredom.

The Decade Challenge

This was one of my favourite challenges to watch, and I found it really fun to look back at all of the makeup trends from different eras. I looked on Pinterest for some inspiration and typed into the search bar ’50’s makeup’ and so on up until the 00’s. I chose to just do makeup on the one eye, as this challenge takes up quite a lot of time!


Our beauty writer has been trying out the popular TikTok makeup challenges💋 – here’s the #decadechallenge #makeupchallenge #makeup #fyp #foryou

♬ Decades – jesskeo
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The Colour Challenge

So the sound of challenge pretty much explains what you have to do. You choose your favourite eyeshadow palette – I went for the brightest and most vibrant one I own to make sure that the end result was eye-catching! You then count the amount of shades that are in the palette, write that number in a number generator and let it select three random numbers for you. Once you have your three shades picked out, you then have to create an eyeshadow look with them. Remember, the more colourful the palette, the more striking your final result will be.


Next up is the colour challenge! Have you tried this one yet? 🎨 #colourchallenge #makeupchallenge #foryou #fyp #morphe35b #morphe

♬ original sound – jamescharles
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The Makeup Bucket Challenge

Ahh, if only applying makeup was this easy. Grab a container of some sort and just drop each makeup item that you’re about to use into it. You then drop your face into the container, bring it back out again and lo and behold your whole makeup look is complete just like that. This creates the illusion that you have literally dipped your face into a bowl of makeup and it has been applied for you in seconds – we wish!

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The Minute Makeup Challenge

This challenge is short, sweet and super fun. You have 60-seconds to try and apply as close to a full-face of makeup as you can. It’s completely chaotic, but the end results are hilarious.


Our beauty writer has a go at the chaotic #1minutemakeupchallenge – how do you think she did? 😂 #makeup #challenge #1minutemakeup

♬ Kontrol – Maleek Berry
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So if you want to amuse yourself during quarantine, check out TikTok and have a go at these fun challenges to pass the time!

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