Locals concerned for safety as 24 homes raided in 8 days

Locals have urged for new safety measures after the burglary rate in Cheltenham more than doubled last week.  There were 24 burglaries reported between Monday 9th November and Monday 16th November, 24 compared with 11 in the previous week. All the thefts took place between 5pm and 11pm.

Police Community Support Officers have spoken to local people and have urged them to be extra vigilant and to notify the police if they suspect anything suspicious.

Jess from Hesters Way said,  ‘Burglaries have always been a problem in the area and someone from the council needs to take action before it gets any worse.’

Angus from St Pauls however said it came as a surprise, ‘I didn’t know about it but I’ll keep an extra look out for the next few days I think.

Harm Reduction Advisor Kim Mowday spoke to Stroud News, ‘This spate of burglaries occurred in the hours of darkness and we continue to stress to residents the importance of leaving a light on and making your home look occupied.’

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