Channel 4’s Seyi Rhodes: “I’ve always wanted to put myself in bizarre situations”

Journalist Seyi Rhodes spoke at the University of Gloucestershire last night to spread awareness of racial issues across the world and how they are portrayed in the media.

He is known from documentaries such as Channel 4’s Unreported World and BBC 1’s Panorama.

The public lecture, entitled Race in the Media: On the Front Lines was well received by members of the audience on Twitter.

As a journalist making documentaries across the globe he has seen the way that race is viewed in many different countries such as Brazil, with its European influences of beauty.

In Chicago, he visited theĀ black ghettos whereĀ prolific crime spotsĀ wereĀ run by gangs. Here, he found that the root of the problem was the violence between members of the black community.

In his talk he discussed the importance of making these documentaries to show peopleĀ what’s really going on. Ā He believesĀ that the perceptionĀ of other countries differ so much from the truth.

Rhodes has always felt the need toĀ investigate issues across the world, stating: “I’ve always wanted to put myself in the middle of quite bizarre situations”.

Reporter Kayleigh Jones discusses the making of documentaries with Seyi Rhodes below:


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