This is how you could try tarot for free in Cheltenham

Looking for a free introduction of ways to improve your wellbeing?

With the NHS, National Self Care Week approaching, The Isbourne in Cheltenham are running a week of free taster sessions from November 13.

The wellbeing sanctuary in the town centre are offering a range of courses such as Singing for health, meditation and mindfulness, tarot, and writing for wellbeing.

Chloe Homer, the centre’s marketing manager, said: “We do several taster weeks throughout the year, to give people the opportunity to try things that they might have wanted to try for a while, but don’t want to take the plunge and pay for something, they want to see if it’s for them first.”

The yearly ‘Self Care Week’ is an initiative set up by the NHS, with the idea of creating national awareness and establishing support for self-care across communities, families, and generations. Their aim is to engage and empower people to look after their own health.

The Isbourne have linked up their taster week with the NHS Self Care Week. Ms Homer added: “Their theme this year is “Self Care for Life” and we’ve interpreted that as self-care being several things; whether it’s just doing something for yourself that you enjoy, a hobby, improving your fitness or actually taking positive changes to develop yourself with NLP or something more specialised like tarot. There are lots of ways that you can improve your mental and physical health, so that links in with the taster sessions and that you can try these things for free, to see if you think they can contribute to an ongoing self-care routine.”




The taster weeks are becoming more and more popular year by year.

“People love coming along, and getting the opportunity to try things they wouldn’t normally be able to.  There’s a real range of types, and ages of people coming through. I think wellbeing is quite a focus for younger people at the moment, so we’re seeing more young adults coming through, just because people are seeking an alternative to their lifestyle, or a relief from the stresses of life, as life gets more fast-paced.”

Ms Homer added: “Everything we offer here is an accompaniment, you might be seeing your doctor for help with an ailment or health issue, or you might also like to help it in a more holistic way alongside that, to be complementary to traditional medicine. It’s quite empowering to try and do something about your problem for yourself. The holistic approach is a lot gentler and more appealing sometimes.”

 The Taster sessions run from November 13 – 19. 

The Isbourne are encouraging people to book in advance as sessions may be fully booked if left until the day.

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