Rancon create first ever virtual reality game for Indie band from London

An indie band from London have approached Cheltenham based App and games company, Rancon, to create their first virtual reality game and are using it to promote their music.

Following the previous success of the original light cycle game the band, Vanishing PoYnt, decided to commission the App and games company again to create a new game called Spirit Runner VR which features their single ‘I Am Ashes.’


Rancon are an award winning company and have created over 100 apps however this is their first virtual reality game. Rob Mason, digital director of Rancon, describes what virtual reality is.
“A computer simulated reality of a 3D image that a player can interact with using an electronic device such as virtual reality goggles.”


The music that is played throughout the futuristic game accompanies the action perfectly as the character runs and jumps across rooftops in a neon cityscape fighting off an unknown evil spirit. As the figure runs it gets faster and more dangerous as does the track making the song the perfect component for the game.


Vanishing PoYnt have now designed their website around the game and are sharing the bands scores on social media. Could this be the future for the success of indie bands? Using addictive games and apps to promote their tracks is a simple yet clever way of getting a song trapped in the listeners head.

Jan Heuff, MD at Rancon said “we’re so excited to be working with two of our favourite mediums: music and gaming” and goes on to discuss how they are the first independent gaming company in the South West, potentially the UK, to release a Virtual Reality game.


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