Is it nearly Christmas yet?

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? I certainly am. From midnight on the 1st November, I’m up in the attic finding all the Christmas decorations and slowly feeding the idea of Christmas to my family. And by slowly feeding them I mean shoving Christmas down their throats whilst singing the entirety of the Michael Bublé Christmas album at them. At 00:01 on the 1st, my Twitter changed from “Spell Etheridge” to “Gingerbread Mel” (do you see what I did there?), and I totally and completely embraced the festive period.

But I am, however, seemingly to be one of the few who starts this early. I am, according to many of the people who surround me, a monster. I’m the living, breathing embodiment of the Christmas meme that all the Scrooges and Grinches around me despise. For many, Christmas starts on the 1st December, giving you a full 25 days to celebrate the holiday. This seems to be the popular opinion, but I’m not buying it.

“[Christmas for me starts] 12 days before,” Debbie tells me. “The partridge in a pear tree song has always stuck in my mind from a child. It always ends for me week after New Year as that is when I used to go back to school and nowadays work.”

For Harlee, Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving (24th November). “My ex and I trade off every other Christmas so we got used to starting early. We celebrate Yule on the 21st and then do volunteer work on the 25th. Relatives from all over are in and out the whole month so its like one long Christmas celebration.”

“It’s not Christmas until I see the Coca-Cola advert,” Alex says. “The Holidays are Coming song and the chance to go and see the truck is what makes me get in the festive spirit. And the truck is on it’s way so I’m gearing up for the holidays!”

“Maybe a week before Christmas?” Lucy says. “[It] always annoys me how early radio stations start playing Christmas songs.”

So, I’m turning this question over to you? When does Christmas start for you? Are you a Christmas monster like me? Or are you a Scrooge? Let us know here, or on Twitter @Jnews_L6.

Have a great day, and Merry Christmas!



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