Brexit – What is happening to our foods?

As Brexit is luring upon us, and negotiations are under way, you may need to stock up on your favourite foods as they could be catching the first flight home.

Studies from the Guardian reveal that more than 97% of food and drinks exports from our shores are at risk.

The first, of many foods you’re saying bye to, is the classic (and amazing) Walnut Whip. Nestlè do say that we’ll be able to get individual packs, and Christmas bumper packs but we don’t know if that’s enough for us.

We might also be saying bye to Marmite, Tesco entered negotiations with Unilever, who wanted to raise trade prices by 10%. Lynx deodorant, Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream, Persil washing powder and PG Tips had the same issue but didn’t quite get the same response as the famous Marmite. The yeast-based spread is seemingly known as the Brexit metaphor.. you either love it or hate it!

Cheddar may be leaving us too, Ireland supplies 1/3 of the U.K’s cheddar with 78,000 tons of cheddar being imported to the UK every year

Ian Wright, director general of the Food and Drink Federation, said, “If you take one example – a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream, if you are a Northern Irish cow, your milk crosses the border five times before it goes into the bottle.

“If suddenly that has to go through lots of tariffs and hoops that becomes very scary.”

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