Are health groups worth the money?

Health groups around the country are becoming a bigger part of our weekly routine.

Groups such as Slimming World and Weight Watchers are some of the largest go to places for people who need support in losing weight.

As well as support health groups there are also diet companies such as Diet Chef, Lighterlife and Jane’s Plan that provide healthy meal options to those who need the extra encouragement to get healthy.

These dieting organisations do cost a fee, but the real question is: Are they worth the money?

Prices vary depending on the scheme you choose. The majority of health groups include a joining fee and then ask you to pay on a weekly basis.

Weightwatchers have two plans to choose from. They have an online plan which costs £2.99 a week or a weekly meetings and online plan for £3.69 a week. Slimming World also provide a similar service, their joining fee is £9.95 and then you can continue to pay £4.95 a week.

Anita Wood, who used to be  member of a health group said: ”For me they’re a waste of money. I tried Weight Watchers and LighterLife but it was too strict for my liking”.

”Whenever I put on weight I wouldn’t attend the group because I felt bad. I would be paying money for no reason. I lost so much weight at the beginning very fast that I found I put it all on again quickly”.

in the Cheltenham and Gloucestershire there are many health groups available to people. There are 16 slimming World groups and more than 10 Weight watchers groups in the Gloucestershire area.

However, there have been many success stories which can be found on the websites.

Claire Beale, a consultant for Slimming World in Cheltenham thinks it is worth the money.

”Definitely, you’re paying the money to go but do have to make the commitment yourself to change”.

”I think paying the money to go to a weekly group really helps reinforce that commitment”.

For more information on these particular health groups please visit their websites:

slimming World –

Weight Watchers –






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