Is Brexit going to affect Cheltenham’s Christmas market?

It’s that time of year when the Christmas markets are coming to towns. But the big question on everyone’s minds is whether there will be less worldwide stalls after Brexit.

Cheltenham has welcomed Geraud Markets UK for the 14th year running, but there is no certainty that there will be a large gathering of worldwide traders after the UK voted Brexit back in June.

The BBC have been looking into whether Brexit will have any effect on Christmas markets all over the UK, but as Cheltenham is a slightly smaller market with only 40 stalls this year, it may have a devastating effect if there is an increase in stall holders from Europe. Gerard Markets have commented on Brexit saying that;

“Cheltenham Christmas market will not be affected”

To leave the EU, Article 50 has to be invoked, which will then give the UK and the rest of Europe two years to  agree to the terms of the split. Theresa May and leave campaigner David Davis have taken responsibility for playing the role of negotiating the UK’s terms once Article 50 has been lifted. The High Court has dismissed Theresa May’s right to use Article 50, ruling that she will need Parliaments backing although Downing Street are hoping to stick to their March 2017 deadline to officially start leave negotiations.

Brexit is still very uncertain, which means that there will be no definite answer about how long or whether they will allow EU nationals will work in the UK, this will be decided when negotiations begin.

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