Digital ticketing causes Cheltenham’s “parking wars”

Gloucestershire County Council has reversed its position on digital ticketing after backlash from tradespeople.

The plan would have seen traders needing to revalidate their permits every four hours, in a bid to ease parking congestion.

Condemned as “ridiculous” and “short sighted” by local businesses, the proposal would result in people having to leave work to update their tickets. Digital ticketing is part of a wider scheme by the council to make parking “more efficient using technology”.

Cheltenham BID took to twitter, to voice their discontent:

This change comes as part of the parking issue Cheltenham has been facing for some time, including so called “parking wars” between GCHQ employees and residents.

GCHQ parking wars

Ongoing problems

Parking at Cheltenham Spa railway station has been heavily criticised too, as a recent string of heavy fines for parking have been called a “major cash cow” for the company that controls APCOA Parking.

A member of the public called for more signs to be put up, saying it had been unclear until a fine was issued.

GlosLive approached both the APCOA and Great Western Railway for comment.

The recent controversies have raised questions about the councils plans for parking facilities in the future. Let us know what you think at @parkpostnews on Twitter.

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