2017 The Year of Food Crazes

Avocado buns, Acai bowls, Freakshakes and Cookie-dough are just a few food crazes that have exploded onto our Instagram feeds.

Instagram has been seen as a form of promotion, or in fact boasting about the yummy food that people have eaten, but with more than five hundred million active users on Instagram it’s hard to not post pictures of our food for people to see.

With more and more people following food accounts it’s hard not to try at least one of those crazes, and this tends to be where trends are born.

@igbruchclub an account handled by several users, post images of brunch ideas. Instagram Brunch Club have more than 13.1k followers.

The bank holiday weekend is here: brunch mode ON! @hoxtongrill #igbrunchclub #igbrunchclubrecommends ? by @charlottehuco

A post shared by Instagram Brunch Club (@igbrunchclub) on shared a picture of a new recipe with her 122k followers. And has already been liked by more than two thousand people (the power of social media).

Food trends of 2017:

The Avocado craze started when it was simply put on toast. But since then the Fruit has been shaped to be put on nearly anything, cakes, smoothies, and pasta. There are many health benefits to the superfood, it contains a high value of nutrients and can lower Cholesterol. Avocado is definitely the most popular of the food trends.

Alice Bradley, a blogger from West Sussex and a fan of avocados, said, “they are amazing for you. I heard they contain more potassium than bananas, so they are great for you. They also do wonders for your skin, which is something I noticed when I started eating more of them. They just taste so good on their own or mashed onto rye bread. I have them with everything.”

Acai Bowls, originated from Brazil and is described as ‘the worlds best healthy breakfast’ by Huffington Post.  The superfood contains a smoothie base that is topped with granola, fruit or peanut butter (some may also contain supplements.) You’ll probably find most social media influencers posting about Acai bowls.

Freakshakes are probably the craziest on this list and could potentially give you a heart attack if you drink/eat more than one. They were invented by an Australian Business known as Patissez Cafe in Canberra, where they would fill a Mason jar with milkshake and top off with lots treats. This trend has definitely spread like a wildfire on social media.

Cookie-dough, is no stranger to Instagram. It has appeared in all sorts, such as Ice-cream, chocolate bars and in cake. But now people are eating it on its own. Naked Dough is a shop in London that has brought the idea over from the States. This will definitely not go out of style.

With social media playing a huge role in society, there is no surprise that trends and crazes start from Instagram. As 2017 comes to an end we shouldn’t be surprised by what new food crazes could be made in 2018.

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