Lloyds Pharmacy to close almost 200 stores nationwide

Lloyd’s Pharmacy are currently under fire from concerned customers after an online leak stated that the company was closing almost 200 branches.

A document was leaked to Twitter announcing the mass-closure, nearing the number to 190 stores nationwide.

A spokesperson for Celesio UK (Lloyd’s Pharmacy’s parent company), has told the media the closure is due to funding cuts and the apprenticeship levy.

Though it’s not been confirmed which stores will be closing, many people are still concerned.

Pharmacist Thorrun Govind told “I saw the statement after it was posted on a pharmacist’s group. After asking other pharmacists, I found out it had been emailed to all branches today.

“It’s disappointing for pharmacies and patients, because it’s reducing access to a qualified healthcare professional, to medicines and to advice. This increases pressure on other parts of the NHS. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. If you cut the funding, patients lose out.”

Lloyds Pharmacy are not saying anything else at this current time, but locals are left wondering if any of the 17 local Lloyds branches in Cheltenham and Gloucester will be affected.


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