Halloween deadline for secondary school applications

There is less than a week left to choose what secondary school your child will go to.

The transfer period for school admissions in Gloucestershire ends on October 31, with March 1 next year set for allocation.

This year saw 4435 students get their first preference, a 3% increase from 2017 (this excludes grammar schools and those that rank their own admission).

Applications after the deadline will be considered ‘late’ and will not be considered until places have been offered to children who were on time.

How do I apply?

Last year, 96% of parents applied online instead of by post and with the deadline looming, avoiding postal delays might be sensible.

You can apply for a transfer online here:

Things to check

It’s important to check your catchment areas, as applying to schools outside of them will harm your chances of success.

You can check your local schools catchment areas at:

This year’s applications saw the longest commute to a Gloucestershire school at 12.35 miles, at Cirencester Deer Park school.

When choosing your preferred school, remember that you still need to apply even if you are local or have a child at the school already.


More information can be found on the councils website.

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