50 years later: The Aberfan disaster and the memory of the lost Gloucestershire boy

50 years ago today, an avalanche of coal waste plummeted towards a private school in the quiet village of Aberfan. This tragedy killed 144 people, including 116 children.

Amongst the losses, was little Edwin Davies. Edwin, who was left orphaned after his mother died of cancer, moved from Cheltenham to the welsh village to live with his sister Tess. Tess had married a welshman from the village and together they moved away. aberfan

Image accredited to – Edwin Davies and the rescue mission


Some 140,000 tonnes of coal burst through the walls of the school, with tip number 7 reducing Edwins classroom to rubble. People came from far and wide to help amongst the chaos, with Edwin being one of the first to be identified. The horrific scenes have not been forgotten, with the memorial being marked every year to pay respects.

The sister and famiky of Edwin struggle to talk about the event, though spoke up in light of the threats to knock down the memorial park.

Many places and schools have taken a minutes silence in remembrance.

Prince Charles is attending the memorial garden today and unveiling a plaque in memory of the victims.

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