On the Rise: Support grows for vintage store in Cheltenham

An online petition has been launched to prevent the closure of independent store Rise records.

The vintage store, located in Beechwood Shopping Centre, is set to close in 2016 after it was announced John Lewis will take over the shopping centre in 2017.

UK department store John Lewis is set to take over the Beechwood Shopping Centre in Cheltenham.

The petition launched last week has already reached 729 signatures, showing support to the independent store Rise records.

On the petition it states that, “Traders in the Beechwood Shopping Centre are gearing to clear out after it was revealed John Lewis will take over the entire building.”

“Some have announced plans to sty in Cheltenham – but others were surprised by yesterday’s news, admitting their future is in the balance.”

“Independent music shop Rise has been forced to leave Cheltenham for good as a result, to the dismay of many shoppers.”

A comment by Simon Spearing, Cheltenham, read, “I love shopping at rise and do not want it forced out of business.”

Becky Walker from Cheltenham commented on the petition last week with “Rise is the closest thing we have to a stylised vintage clothes shop, and I know myself and many many others enjoy shopping here more than anywhere else in Cheltenham, and are extremely sad at the prospect of losing this.”

Rise have refused to comment.

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