Park Campus Cat: feline friend finds home at university campus

For over a year, a four-legged invader has made Park Campus her home. Demanding cuddles and love from fellow students, she quickly became a UoG favourite. The animal regularly receives extensive attention from students and passers-by between lectures.

After becoming a social icon at Park Campus, This cat has been adopted by a member of staff. She has her own Facebook page with over 150 likes and students have been posting pictures embracing their new feline friend.

A statement by the admin of the page was released stating:

The cat was first seen in late 2017 by TV production student Daniel Budworth-Mead. Daniel says, “We started feeding her tuna and leftover takeaway food and she just kept coming back. We named her Tiggles, which is probably isn’t even her real name but hey-ho it’s a cute name.”

Tiggles has been a great source of stress relief for students and it’s encouraged the students’ union to organise regular petting zoos during exam season.

Anne Goodenough, professor of animal biology and animal behaviour at the University of Gloucestershire, says that “Cats themselves are relaxed and calm most of the time. Their fur is silky to the touch and they are small enough to sit on us so we can stroke them. And then we are rewarded with that gorgeous, calming purr!”

“Also, the cat’s purring (frequency between 25 and 140 Hz) potentiates the natural healing processes of your body. So, it’s naturally calming to us.”

Despite not having Tiggles around anymore, students will miss their daily morning cuddles with Park’s feline friend. We don’t blame them really, look at how cute she is!

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