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16:00 That’s all from us today, make sure to tune in next week for our Brexit special!

15:40 Weather update

Tonight will be fairly cloudy, with hill flog and some rain. At first rain will be light and patchy but will become more persistent and heavy as the evening goes on.

15:30 Family milk business competing with supermarket giants

The Cotswold dairy farm churns out over 400,000 litres of milk a day to provide us with all the cheese, yoghurt and cream our hearts desire.

15:20 Update:  UoGlos poll reveals most people think Christmas starts December 1st 


15:10 Are we doing right by giving homeless people food?

A charity in Cheltenham doesn’t think so. Chloe Shakesby reports.

15:00 People love the new burger bus that’s opened in Cheltenham

Natalie Bradshaw explores the new Cotswold diner.

14.45: Missing Gloucester man Gordon Wheeler has been found.


14:10: 2017- The year of the food craze

One for the foodies! Rebecca Iles has a look at the latest food crazes to date.

14:05: Are health groups worth the money?

Amber Griffin investigates whether these popular establishments are value for money.

13:15: When does the Christmas period actually begin?

Is it the start of November, end of November or maybe even the week before? Mel Etheridge has a look at the very different opinions on the start of Christmas.

12.29: Cotswolds MP wants A417 upgraded sooner after fatal crash


12:20: The Brexit effect- Food Special

Mat Dunnett investigated a report that says 97% of food and drink exports from our shores are at risk. Including everybody’s favourite, marmite.

12:13: BREAKING NEWS: Update

Officers are now investigating the garage of a home on Cromwell Road. This is in relation to the arrest of a 57-year-old man yesterday.

11:58: An OFSTED report findings show Gloucestershire County Council youngsters are being exposed to risk for too long

Gloucestershire Live have got an exclusive on the Ofsted report citing that the County Council’s children services are inadequate.

11:30: Exclusive: Reporter Tom Bartley eats nothing but McDonalds for a week, here are the results!

Tom Bartley observes the physical changes to his body after an entire week of eating McDonalds for Lunch and Dinner everyday.

11:05 Did you know 45% of food allergies develop during adulthood?

Reporter Philippa Chilton looked at whether or not local cafe’s in Gloucestershire have had to change their menus or add any additional allergy information to accommodate people’s needs.

11:00: BREAKING NEWS: Update

A car has been seized relating to yesterday’s arrest of the 57-year-old man on suspicion of making an explosive substance, police have said it is NOT terrorist related.

10:25 Police and forensic teams seen at another house in Cheltenham this morning

Following a man being arrested on suspicion of making an explosive substance yesterday after a house was searched by forensic teams, police and forensic teams have been spotted at another house in Cheltenham.


10:00 Costa’s share drops due to people opting to support local business?

Mel Etheridge looks at the different reasons why people may be looking to get their coffee elsewhere.

9:50 What’s coming up 

A story on how consumers are opting to back independent businesses rather than giants like Costa Coffee, a look at the latest food crazes and how Brexit will affect our food habits.

9:25 Cheltenham arrest update

Yesterday a 57-year-old man was arrested for on suspicion of making an explosive substance for unlawful purposes.

The police say it was a pre-planned operation at a semi-detached house in Brooklyn Road near Hester’s Way.


9:10 A417 at Nettleton Bottom is now open after a car crash last night

Two people were killed in a fatal crash last night at Nettleton Bottom, close to the Golden Heart Inn.

One other person was seriously injured and remains in serious condition at Southmead Hospital.

The road was closed between the Air Balloon Roundabout and Cirencester following the collision but has now been reopened.


9:05 Traffic update-

Be careful if you’re travelling in and around Gloucestershire today.

There are severe delays on the A417 Over Causeway outbound between Westgate Island and A40 (Over Roundabout) due to a fatal crash late last night.

Delays are slowing motorists on the on A40 before A38 Tewkesbury Road (Longford Roundabout) due to roadworks.

Other than that, just slow traffic in Gloucestershire and Cheltenham.

9:00 Weather update- 

Fog in Cheltenham will slowly clear, making difficult driving conditions at first. The rest of today will be largely dry and bright with a few sunny spells and light winds. As the afternoon goes on it will get more and more cloudy.



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