Move over, Costa; there are new stores in town.

For some people it’s a morning routine. For others it’s a morning treat. Waking up and going to get your favourite coffee to take out or sit in. For some people it’s Costa, for others it’s Starbucks. But for a majority of the UK, the first coffee of the day is bought in a local independent store.

Fewer and fewer people are choosing to buy from commercial companies like Costa, and instead are supporting local businesses.

According to research conducted by the Guardian, Costa’s total shares has dropped in the last few months by 5%. But people aren’t just simply not drinking coffee.

When out and about yesterday morning, I, myself tried to get into some of these independent shops, but found it difficult as a majority of them were packed out. There were gaggles of old ladies being turned away at the door because there was just no seating room.

“I think it’s because there’s a much friendlier atmosphere in here.” One coffee drinker told me. “They know my order by heart now, my name and ask after my kids a lot.”

Others tend to favour the idea that since the value of the pound has fallen due to Brexit, it’s much cheaper to get their coffee from independent stores.

“It’s £3.65 for a small coffee in Costa. It’s £2 in here. Even if the coffee was bad I’d still come here because it’s cheaper.”

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Whatever people’s reasons for choosing independent stores over chain stores, it’s still become a very popular decision. The once quiet shops are now bustling with custom, and I certainly don’t think they’re complaining about it.


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