Cheltenham to host Brexit talk by Hugo Dixon

It has been 134 days since the decision was made upon leaving the EU. Whichever way you voted the 23rd of June was a day of paramount importance. We are now in round six of Brexit negotiations in Brussels and Cheltenham has decided to host their own.

Hugo Dixon will be coming to Cheltenham to host a talk on Brexit and how to change the public opinion on Brexit being able to be stopped.

The talk will be called “It’s not too late to stop Brexit – here’s what we need to do” and will touch upon changing the public opinion that Brexit can halted. It will be hosted by anti-Brexit group Cheltenham For Europe.

Hugo Dixon is a columnist for Reuters and The Guardian as well as chairman and editor in chief of InFacts. He is the co-founder of arts and environmental charity, Common Ground and author of “The In/Out Question: Why Britain should stay in the EU and fight to make it better”.

Jonathan Sindall, spokesperson for Cheltenham for Europe said; “We hope that he will enthuse Remainers (and persuade Brexiters) and get them out on the streets to fight the cause and, we believe, save the country.

“Too many think that the referendum was the end of the matter. Young people in particular, your audience, need to understand what is being done to their future; older people need to know the impact on them as they age.

“We all need to know what can we do to prevent Brexit happening – and this is what Hugo Dixon will be discussing.”

The event takes place on Thursday the 23rd of November at the Jury Hotel in Cheltenham.

The talk will run from 6:30 till 8:30pm and will have an entry fee of £5.

If you would like to attend you can find more information on the talk and buy tickets here.

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