5 reasons 2020 will be a good year for Cheltenham

1. Culture and fashion

Cheltenham will soon be booming with plenty more retailers and restaurants, with some big names lined up. The high-street is already popular, with new stores such as Toyshop, T2 and Yankee Candle boosting trade and bringing more shoppers to Cheltenham. John Lewis and Wagamama are just some of the established retailers who have their sights set on Cheltenham in the next few years. Residents are also excited for the completion of The Brewery, a central complex boasting restaurants, bars and a hotel. The Brewery has become the ‘go-to’ place in Cheltenham for a fun night out and the finalisation of the project will certainly be a talking point.


2. Technology developments

From drones to virtual reality headsets, technology is developing by the minute. The excitement of a new gadget shop on Cheltenham high street is something that has proved that we’re all obsessed with all things tech, with customers experimenting with new toys and the latest gadgets. By 2020, we will most likely still be using those gadgets we’ve familiarised ourselves with, such as smart phones and tablets but there is a “high probability” that the entire industry could shift to paper-thin OLED surfaces, many with touch potential. The idea of being able to touch thin air and coordinate tasks anywhere you go is something that definitely excites consumers, so watch out for these huge tech creations!

Photo credit Anastasia Zhenina
Photo credit Anastasia Zhenina

3. Green Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire County Council have announced their plan to “maximise recycling with a target of 60% recycling by 2020 and to reach a 70% recycling and composting rate by 2030,” an achievable target that will, if completed, will make Gloucestershire one of the highest performing recyclers in Europe. The county are doing their best to promote local residents and schools about researching into methods of biogas and food recycling. So remember, if you don’t already, do reduce, reuse, recycle and recover!


4. The NHS

How will the NHS in Gloucestershire look in 4 years time? Well, latest news isn’t looking promising. The trust managing both Gloucester Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital has been placed under special measures after an investigation found “very serious failings” with its financial controls. The trust already taken out a £20m loan and now, with a recovery plan in place, will the NHS in Gloucestershire survive or come crashing down?


5. The rise of local stars

The year, we saw the incredible achievements of the Olympic athletes, Gloucestershire’s athletes were some of those competing. We saw Pete Reed, Alex Gregory and Matt Gotrel all compete in rowing and Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester challenging in equestrian for medals, as well as others performing to the highest of their abilities in rugby, hurdles, the pentathlon and the triathlon! It was a brilliant year for not only the county’s athletes, but for the entire GB team. In 2020, we hope to not only see these competitors performing in Tokyo, but to see those inspired by their actions giving it a go!



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