Your Daily Good News Update

Another day in isolation begins but at least the sun’s come out for us today and we can work on our tans, enjoy a walk in the park or just sit in the garden and have a cup of tea.

Smiley face over Cheltenham

On Bank Holiday Monday, a pilot decided to cheer up the town of Cheltenham by drawing a large smiley face in the sky. It made a lot of people smile and brought joy to what could have been a stressful day for most people.

Thank you to the NHS

Every day while we’re safe inside of our homes, our key workers are out saving lives. It’s heartwarming how our communities have come together in so many ways to say thank you to the NHS.

Most of us show our appreciation for the work of the NHS during the Clap for Carers every Thursday at 8:00pm but some children around the country are saying thank you by sending letters to the key workers.

Rainbows in windows

There’s not many streets in the UK that you can walk down and not see the colourful rainbows in each window. A lot of people have been wondering what they’re for and the sentiment behind it will help everyone to smile.

The rainbows are not just another way to say thank you to the NHS, they are how we are showing support for our community and bringing happiness to the people who are passing by. It’s also a way to make children’s daily walks more fun by ‘spotting the rainbows’.

Virtual weddings

Lockdown and Covid-19 have changed a lot of people’s plans for the past few months and for some that means cancelling what was supposed to be the best day of their lives. However, virtual weddings are now starting.

Couples are having their weddings over video chat with friends and family joining the chat to watch. They’re not letting lockdown ruin their special moment and it’s inspiring.

One couple in Cheltenham used Zoom to invite 40 guests to their virtual wedding. Magdalena Lorynska and Chris Vonk are urging other couples to do the same during lockdown.

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