Editor’s Letter

In an international pandemic, of course life has to adjust to the new normal. Adapting to Coronavirus AND finishing our degrees is not the easiest situation to be in.
We’re all so far away from each other, no longer sharing a coffee in the Newsroom and heading out into Cheltenham for interviews. Our Newsroom has been stretched across the country, and it’s hard to replicate the atmosphere on Park Campus on a busy news day.
But we are working hard to bring you all the news from across the country, and to help to show you the light at the end of the tunnel.
Although now that we’ve come to the end of our degree, it is sad not to be all together again. But thank god for Zoom, the internet and the Class of 2020’s ability to always stay positive.
I will be taking over as Editor for the week, helping to make sure everything runs smoothly, despite the distance. It’s going to be challenging, but I’m looking forward to seeing the hard work and expertise from the last three years pay off for us all.
Over the next week, our fabulous teams will be working hard across news, features, radio and video, but I’ll let them introduce themselves and the amazing stories coming your way!

Phoebe Sargesson Jones


In the features corner, we’re leaving no stone unturned when it comes to bringing you the latest in the trends and quirks that have come out of lockdown. Expect reviews, opinions and letters from the future in our round-up of trendy topics.

Our Health and Wellbeing expert is Amy Bailey.  A gym bunny in her spare time, Amy has her pen poised to bring you updates on home workouts, skincare and everything in between.

Zoe Gater is our resident sexpert and she’ll be bringing you everything Sex and Relationships. Editor-in-chief of TABOOB, a zine dedicated to busting sex myths, Zoe’s writing is sure to educate, inform and excite.

Malin Jones is UNLOCKED’s fashion expert and she’ll be investigating the latest lockdown trends so you can stay up-to-date, even from the comfort of your sofa.

Bringing you the latest from the beauty world is Emma Taylor. Keep up to date with her for the latest beauty tips, hacks and trends.

Finally, bringing you all things Pop Culture, is UNLOCKED’s Features Editor, Eloise Jones. Eloise is taking a step back from her usual subject area of women’s issues to give you her take on music, literature and travel.

We’ve got a whole host of exciting and exclusive content to keep you entertained and informed during lockdown. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok at @unlockedglos to keep up to date with the latest.


Welcome to News UNLOCKED

Every day this week the news team will be busy keeping you up to date with stories about life under lockdown around the UK.

Nat Schaefer will be focussing on the changes to Cheltenham festivals and how the town’s main attractions will adapt to social distancing. He will report on leaving lockdown, the prospect of returning to work, and gauge opinions on the weekly clap for carers.

Jaimie Leigh Redgwick will be speaking to the older generation to find out how they are staying in touch whilst apart from their loved ones.

George Gwilliam will lift the lid on life in a Gloucestershire care home and chat with volunteers giving up their time to help those in need.

Lou De Freitas will discover what life is like for two student nurses on the frontline and how are they dealing with being isolated from their families.

Samii Ralph and Kieran Phillips will be investigating the impact of lockdown on mental health and finding out how people are coping with the new rules.

We’ll also be bringing you daily bulletins, good news stories, revealing what you’re missing, and asking what lockdown essentials are keeping us all going – we’ll even be dropping in for a chat with a choir.

We aim to keep you informed and entertained every day with stories that bring realism, hope, and hopefully make you smile!


Your video team for the week is Charlie, Denesia and Joe, with Amy Owen as acting editor.
We aim to bring you days in the lives of key workers on the front line, battling the coronavirus, as well as stories from across the world affected by the pandemic.

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