What are we missing about our local during lockdown?

Ask anyone what they are missing the most about being in lockdown and some if not all would say meeting their friends at the local pub.

We have reached day 67, life feels very different, and venturing out to a bar with friends has become a fond but distant memory, for the time being anyway. Although some rules have been relaxed, pubs will not be part of our lives again for some time.

So what exactly are people missing so much about their favourite free house? A recent survey showed that the need for human contact is the main reason people find it hard to cope without their pub.

Out of 60 people, 57 said socialising with their friends was what they missed the most but 28 also named the pub atmosphere as most important to them. The traditional pub quiz trailed in last with a total of just 5, a surprisingly low figure when you consider that the country has taken the virtual pub quiz to its heart during lockdown, so maybe we’re all a little bit quizzed out?

That said, testing your knowledge against your mates has quickly become the nations favourite pastime and it’s clearly very effective in bringing people together whilst apart. These days, not a week goes by without an invite to catch up with friends and the chance to prove your clever clogs credentials.

Recreating our favourite cocktails in our kitchen. Mojito Mondays are my favourite!

Lockdown is not getting the better of us as we come up with a host of inventive ways to fill the pub shaped void in our lives. Whether it’s creating our own cocktails, listening to DJ’s live stream, or ordering favourite craft beers online, we’re all finding ways to replicate the pub in our living rooms and socialise at home.

Comments from the survey show that lockdown has actually made a positive impact on many independent businesses. We’re also managing to save money, digging out our old musical favourites and even strengthening our friendships.

Home made cocktails are a definite front runner in lockdown entertainment:

One Gloucestershire couple really took matters into their own hands and decided to build their own back garden bar. Cathy Jenkins from Southam explains how they came up with the idea.

“We are social characters and like spending time outside in the garden with a drink and music”.

The home grown pub has obviously made a lot of difference to the couple during lockdown.

“We look forward to the weekends as if we are at the pub and in a pub garden. It’s made a difference to lockdown and it’s a bit of fun and we will always have fun out if it with family and friends eventually”.

After being in lockdown for just over two months it’s family and friends that we are all missing. Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has launched its own virtual pub The Red (On)Lion. People can register, take a virtual seat at a table with friends and discuss what they’re drinking. They hope the online community will help tackle the loneliness and isolation experienced by many during the coronavirus lockdown after the closure of the nation’s pubs.

As a country, we’ve proved we can be very resourceful under extraordinary circumstances and come up with some brilliant ideas to keep positive, and have fun with our loved ones, despite the distance. A return to normality may not be far from the wish list of many when we can once again meet up, hug each other and raise a glass, but for now, we’re doing just fine. Cheers!

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